We started Our Future First with the basic idea that there are not enough opportunities for teenagers and young adults to grow outside of the confines of modern-day society. As we have grown and created programs, we have built everything around this philosophy. From our Innovation Hour to our Promise Day program to everything else that we offer, our focus is on ensuring our participants get what they need to be successful in their daily lives and beyond.

When it comes to innovation, empowerment, community and self-advocacy, problem-solving, and thinking outside the box, our team has the skills necessary to separate ourselves from the competition. From our organizational leaders to our Board of Directors to our volunteer base, our diverse group of leaders has the professional and personal experiences to help move your organization forward. We are educators, medical professionals, community leaders, advocates, parents, entrepreneurs, union leaders, and more and we are ready to work with you!

Our Innovation Hour program encourages participants to help identify the key issues that are important to them, unleash their creativity to come up with unique and innovative solutions to these issues, and support your organization in the practical implementation of solutions that help you reach your goals. We believe that the only limit to what we can accomplish are the limits we place on ourselves. Our Innovation Hour is designed to help eliminate boundaries and focus on things your organization will be capable of achieving that result in higher productivity, elevated levels of communication and advocacy, and increased feelings of inclusion and ownership for all.

Our signature event, Promise Day, is a full-day program for staff and students that promises growth, understanding, compassion, empathy, healing, and love. We can adjust this based on your specific size needs, and your particular areas of focus. Our goal is for all participants to have a better understanding of what their peers deal with and experience in their lives. After this event, schools can expect to see decreases in behavioral issues and conflicts due to a deeper personal understanding of life and others.

We also offer professional development and opportunities in trauma-informed education, educational equity, culturally relevant teaching & learning, elevating student choice & engagement, classroom culture, pedagogical strategies, creating & preserving student voice, innovation & entrepreneurship, culture & team building, creating an environment of trust & appreciation, organizational strategy & problem-solving, speaking & keynote opportunities, consulting, and whatever else your school and organization may need.

We are working on booking for this summer and the 21-22 school year so reach out and let’s see what we can do to help move your organization forward! Email our executive director, Sean Thom (sean@ourfuturefirst.org) for more info!