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Do you see a need for change in your community? Do you wonder how you can make a difference? Get involved with our work and invest in the only thing that makes sense, our future!

Become a volunteer!

Our organization is no different than other successful non-profits. We count on our volunteers to help us achieve our vision. Without them, we would not be able to operate or be successful. Some of our current volunteers are high school and college students, web designers, social media experts, educators, faith and community leaders, and so much more. As we grow, our goal is to turn our volunteers into more significant parts of our organization.

Sound good to you? Want to get involved? Head over to our volunteer page and let us know what fuels your fire to be the change!

Sponsorship Opportunity

We offer unique sponsorship opportunities that allow you to support our work and build our brands together!


Join dozens of warm hearted people that are already helping shape a better community of tomorrow, and make life lasting relationships with other great souls. Volunteering opportunities are open for everyone. Invest your time in what matters the most, your future.


Donate today to help us shape a better community for tomorrow. Every penny makes a real difference. Contribute, sign up for our newsletter, and see the direct impact that you make in our world!