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Become a volunteer and be a part of our dedicated family that is working to make a difference in our community. Now is the time to make a positive impact and put our future first!

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Become a volunteer!

Our organization is no different than other successful non-profits. We count on our volunteers to help us achieve our vision. Without them, we would not be able to operate or be successful. Some of our current volunteers are high school and college students, web designers, social media experts, educators, faith and community leaders, and so much more!


How can you help?


Be an inspiration to our young people! Studies show that youth are more successful in school and life with a positive role model involved. Consider being that role model for a kid that needs it. Let your light shine and help light the path for others!

Event Assistance

We are involved in a lot of fun events, and an extra helping hand is always needed. Help us plan these events, build community, and have fun while creating a positive impact on your local community and youth.

Community Development

Help build your community to be the world that we want to see and that our kids need. Let’s work together to put the best interest of our kids and their future first.

Looking for more?

We have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. Have your own ideas for serving our communities? Let us know, and we can get to work, together!

Why Become A Volunteer?

There are many reasons to volunteer. Making a difference. Contributing to society. Being the change. Supporting and loving others. Whatever your purpose, we have an opportunity for everyone!

Community Engagement

Join with other positive people who are dedicated to building and supporting our communities on all fronts and levels.

Networking Opportunities

Learn to develop lasting relationships while learning on the fly from industry and community leaders.

Get Involved!

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