Let's Put Our Future First!

Our mission is to create opportunities for our youth to have real success in life while building and supporting our schools and communities. Using our mantra of Our Future First, we promise to always put our future, our children, first!

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About Us

Brought together by the tragic loss of our friend and student Maurice Lewis, our team consists of individuals who share the belief that we must put our children, our future, first. We are normal people, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, wives and husbands, educators and community leaders, who understand that we must act now if we want to create hope for our future. We all have different backgrounds, life experiences, professions, hobbies,  views, and more. Our journeys give us unique perspective to help our communities, schools, and organizations grow and thrive. Let us help you!

What We Do

We provide professional and personal growth opportunities in schools, businesses, & organizations, youth empowerment events, community coalition building, and much more! Just ask!

Community Building

Collaborating with community members to identify areas of need and organize together to make it a reality.

Education & Growth Opportunities

Decades of experience allow us to create programs for students, teachers, communities, and schools to bring real change and growth.

Youth Empowerment

Committed to working with youth to build their power, confidence, and ability to impact their world.

We did it!! Reese’s House is a Reality!!!

We did it!! Reese’s House is a Reality!!!

We could not be more excited to officially announce that we are now the owners of the beautiful building pictured above! This space will be Reese's House, our community center for the city of Millville that will focus on young adults and our youth, but also on our...

Meet Our Newest Board Member, Mr. Levi Feeney!

Meet Our Newest Board Member, Mr. Levi Feeney!

We are ecstatic to introduce you to the newest member of our Board of Directors, Mr. Levi Feeney! Levi is a respected and trusted leader in our communities and we are looking forward to seeing the continued impact he has as a part of our organization. Please read his...