Let's Put Our Future First!

Our mission is to create opportunities for our youth to have real success in life while building and supporting our schools and communities. Using our mantra of Our Future First, we promise to always put our future, our children, first!

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About Us

Brought together by the tragic loss of our friend and student Maurice Lewis, our team consists of individuals who share the belief that we must put our children, our future, first. We are normal people, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, wives and husbands, educators and community leaders, who understand that we must act now if we want to create hope for our future. We all have different backgrounds, life experiences, professions, hobbies,  views, and more. Our journeys give us unique perspective to help our communities, schools, and organizations grow and thrive. Let us help you!

What We Do

We provide professional and personal growth opportunities in schools, businesses, & organizations, youth empowerment events, community coalition building, and much more! Just ask!

Community Building

Collaborating with community members to identify areas of need and organize together to make it a reality.

Education & Growth Opportunities

Decades of experience allow us to create programs for students, teachers, communities, and schools to bring real change and growth.

Youth Empowerment

Committed to working with youth to build their power, confidence, and ability to impact their world.

Reese’s House is under attack!

Reese’s House is under attack!

We wish that the headline of this post was exaggeration, but sadly, it is not. Reese's House, and all of our plans for it, is under attack by a local property owner whose property is adjacent to ours. Please take a minute to read this post to see what is going on and...

Stand Up for Reese’s House!

Stand Up for Reese’s House!

On February 21, the Millville City Commissioners decided to schedule a hearing for an appeal from a neighboring property owner of our zoning decision that granted us the ability to operate Reese's House as a multi-faceted community center. They scheduled this hearing...

A Massive Reese’s House Update!

A Massive Reese’s House Update!

Over the last few months, we have accomplished so much to get Reese's House ready! We were approved by the Millville Zoning Board to operate our intersectional, multi-faceted community center. We have also installed a brand new furnace (we have four in total) and two...