Our Future First strives to break down man-made and socio-economic barriers blocking our youth’s path to success by creating real opportunities for social, emotional, physical, academic, entrepreneurial, & personal growth. All that sounds great, right? But how do we actually accomplish that? Simple! By building our schools, our communities, and our Future. Building our schools… You don’t have to spend much time in schools to see that our schools are not meeting the needs of our students. Our traditional education system places extreme stress on kids with high-stakes testing that is irrelevant and ineffective. The focus on standardized testing does not teach children how to care for, love each other, and thrive. There are many educators that stand up for kids every day and do what is right to meet their needs, but we need to do more. Our schools are in need of roots up change, a massive switch in how our country manages education. We can advocate and beg for policy and program changes with those in power, or we can take matters into our own hands. Our mission is to build our schools by providing genuine professional development sessions for teachers, students, administrators, and more. We believe that if we focus on innovation, social and emotional growth, trauma-informed instructional and behavioral approaches, we can gradually change the way our schools operate. By combining these initiatives with full programs to build community, empathy, and compassion in our students and staff, we are rebuilding our schools brick by brick. Building our communities… There is a moat that we must cross in order to build our communities in the same way we build our schools. We watch as the gulf between schools and communities grow – the ability to construct a bridge seems further and further out of reach. Starting now, we no longer watch and complain about the lack of connectedness. Our Future First will collaborate with communities to identify their biggest areas of need. We will engage with leaders (not necessarily politicians), companies, and the public to raise funds to bring these changes to reality. It takes a village and we want to help be a part of as many villages as we can. We pledge to utilize all profits made from working in and engaging in our schools to rebuild our communities. By investing in our communities, we can continue building the bridge to connect our schools, our communities, and our homes. Make a positive change in students lives, see the change in your community Building our Future… By building our schools and our communities, we are embarking on a journey that will build our Future for generations to come. We will make every decision in the best interest of our Future, our youth, in everything we do. Kids first, all day, every day, no exceptions. This is about creating opportunities for our children that may otherwise not be possible. This is about using a grassroots approach to invest in our schools and communities like never before. This is about recognizing our power and ability to do more and stepping out of our comfort zones to do just that. In an era where politics have made our future look murkier than ever before, it is up to us to stand tall. We have the knowledge, the power, the drive, and the ability to create real change. We are done watching idly and are ready for you to join us!  

We believe in the power of people. How can you use your power to change the world?