Part of our organization’s goals is to find ways to bridge the gap between our schools and our community. When teachers from Rieck Avenue Elementary School in Millville reached out to us to collaborate on creating a Little Free Library, how could we possibly say no?!

The educators were putting a Little Free Library in front of their school and wanted to put another one at Delsea Gardens, a local apartment complex in Millville, because that is where a lot of their students live. They asked us if we could install one there and monitor the levels of books in the library. Naturally, we were all in!

After some conversations with management of the apartments (and a slight delay due to a case of COVID sidelining our leadership for a week), we were able to install the library and open it up for the youth!

We have provided the employees of the complex with ample books to keep the library stocked for now; however, we know it’s the summer and hope the kids will be reading nonstop. If that’s the case, we anticipate needing to purchase more books soon and want to keep the office stocked with options. 

We have three ways for you to help us ensure that the supply does not dwindle for the youth! First, one of the teachers created a wishlist on Amazon to purchase representative books for the library. If you would like to purchase one (or more!) of those titles, just click here. Second, if you are local, you can drop off gently-used or new books at Wildflower Vegan Cafe in Millville. Third, if you would like to make a monetary donation, we will use it to purchase books. Just click here and the money raised will go to our library. 

People like you have always been so generous when it comes to providing direct support to our community. We thank you for that support and hope that you can support this incredible initiative!

An up-close look at all the books in our library right now!