Whether your school or organization is looking for some options for an extended school year program this summer or for the next school year, our tested and proven programs will make a difference and can be tailored to meet your specific needs!

Our Innovation Hour program will empower participants to understand their needs and organizational issues, work to unite them behind shared visions, goals, and solutions that they have created as a team, and implement plans to uproot these issues. This program can be done across various periods of time to meet your specific needs. The more time we have with participants, the more in-depth the program will be. 

Our Listen & Build program is a full-day experience that focuses on empathy and understanding. It helps to foster an understanding of interconnectedness and interdependence of participants while cultivating a belief and practice that participants can create meaningful change. This helps individuals begin to identify steps that they can take to establish a positive impact on their environment and lives. 

Both of these programs can stand on their own, but they also complement each other incredibly well. If you’d like to learn more about either, just click the link in the paragraphs above. Please note that we can always customize offerings and time frames to meet your needs.

Finally, we understand that finding programming capable of creating a positive impact and sustainable change that fit your budget is incredibly difficult. We believe in the power of our work because we have seen the change that happens firsthand. This is why we promise to do everything we can to help fit your budget needs.

Don’t believe us? Just send an email to contact@ourfuturefirst.org and we will be more than happy to discuss options with you!