Join us for our 3-part meeting series, Community Building Coalition! Each meeting is geared to meet the needs of three distinct demographics in our community to discuss how we can work together to create systemic and cultural change in our community. The goal is for each session to build from the previous to get stakeholders from all groups together. In order for us to grow and be better, we must listen and build!

Businesses & Entrepreneurs, 2/6 – We want to help support businesses of all kinds with our connections to the community. Whether it’s staffing, spreading the word for events, joint efforts, or providing development services to you, we’ve got you covered. Let’s discuss our goals and how we can achieve them together!

Community & Faith Leaders, 2/26 – There are so many people doing amazing work and we want to unite together! We want to work together in the same direction instead of working on our own separate path. Let’s talk about our work and see how we can assist each other in our missions. This will also be an opportunity for us to connect with business owners to create deeper connections.

Family & Youth, 3/18 – In this meeting, we will switch gears from focusing on our offered services and leadership to focus on how we can tailor our current and future programs to fit the needs of our community. We’re looking for families, teenagers, and young adults to come out to share what it is they need and how we can be of assistance. This is your chance to be heard by businesses, various community leaders, and much more. We promise that we will be all ears!

Please register for the event that you are most interested in by using this link. Looking forward to building with you!