With so much happening in our communities, we want to provide young adults (ages 16-28) an opportunity to come together to talk about the issues, the problems, and the struggles of living and surviving in Cumberland County. As organizations made of individuals in this age group, BLACC (Black Leaders Advancing Change in our Culture) and Our Future First recognize that our young adults are often neglected and need to be heard if we are going to better our county.

Our listening session will provide opportunities for our young adults to share their thoughts and feelings as well as goals for our area. After we hear each other, we will continue to meet so that we can organize and build together to create solutions to the issues that are shared in this event. We firmly believe in the philosophy of “Nothing for us, without us”. This listening session is the first step to ensure that the young adults in our county are at the forefront of change and that their concerns are recognized and heard.

Please share this information and page information with any young adults that you know. It’s time we speak, listen, and hear each other. This is how we build, together!

**Please click the ticket link to reserve your seat!! The event is July 7 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

at the Cornbread House in Fairfield, NJ. **