When COVID19 hit, we weren’t sure what to do as an organization. We knew that we needed to help and support our community, but we weren’t sure about the best way to help. After a few weeks after the schools shut down, we started to receive messages from community members asking us if we were going to be involved in efforts to address food insecurities. 

After receiving those messages, we decided that helping deliver groceries and other supplies to our community was the best way for us to help. We created forms that we spread throughout social media and the requests started rolling in. We also partnered with a mutual aid food coalition to serve as a liaison for Cumberland County. We found ourselves shopping for food, toiletries, pet food, and many other needs that people just did not have the resources to get for themselves. 

We would also like to give a HUGE thanks and shout-out to Wildflower Vegan Cafe, who provided fresh meals to every family that we delivered supplies to. Your continuous support of our community is appreciated!!

Even though the pandemic is still ongoing, we have serviced over 30 families in our community to provide what they need the most. All of the money that we used to purchase supplies came directly from our own bank account, so if you would like to help us replenish our funds, please feel free to donate here! We will continue to serve our community as requests come in, so thanks in advance because it takes a village and we’re all in this together!

Just some of the food and supplies for our families!