We are ecstatic to introduce you to the newest member of our Board of Directors, Mr. Levi Feeney! Levi is a respected and trusted leader in our communities and we are looking forward to seeing the continued impact he has as a part of our organization. Please read his official bio below to learn more about Levi and why we think he is such a great fit with us!

Levi Feeney is a community leader originally from Bridgeton, New Jersey, a graduate of Rowan
University, employed at Bridgeton Public School District, Vice President of Positive vibes, a
board member on a few Non-Profit organizations, one notably recognized as Our Future First in
Millville, NJ. He is also a legal advocate, business consultant, activist, educator, artist, business
owner, media specialist, filmmaker, writer, musician, athletics coach, mentor, father, and loving individual who places God as his top priority in all he is and strives to do.

Levi has created many specific initiatives and movements towards the progression of African
American Business owners, African American political awareness, programming for low-risk and
high-risk youth of various demographics. Levi’s mentorship initiatives have opened
opportunities for youth and adults to create lucrative businesses, non-profits organizations, and
more. Levi has sponsored many youth and adult programs in the community.

He takes pride in being behind the scenes of many different movements, ideas, and businesses
in his community. He always seeks to be anonymous, he states, because his goal is to never do
anything for notoriety but impact. Even some of his greatest talents and national achievements he rarely indicates to many of his peers.

Levi’s greatest theme of life is to serve. Jesus never went around expressing to people what he
did or can do. He just rose to action when it was time for him to take action.

Levi currently in 2022, continues to promote his art & photography wall décor at
thebookoflevi.org. He also is preparing to launch a web series and develop his first feature film
set for 2023. He also will be hosting a six-week media arts program in summer 2022 for youth
and adults. He will be hosting along with JT Burks of Positive Vibes a Youth Summer Basketball
league as well. He currently is coaching Bridgeton Middle School Basketball and plans to
continue to serve in his community and at his church Cornerstone Community Church in Vineland, NJ.