We are very happy to welcome Ms. Marisol Cruz to the Our Future First Board of Directors! Ms. Cruz has been a part of our organization in many capacities since we started and we are thrilled to welcome her on board as a member of our Board of Directors. Additionally, Marisol was elected to serve as Secretary of the Board for the duration of this term. We are thrilled to add her voice and experience in this official capacity! Please read a little more about her below:

My name is Marisol Cruz and I am an Atlantic county native. I moved to Millville in 2000 and raised my three children, Mariah, Miah, and Maurice there. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, besides knowing that I wanted to help others. I worked for a nonprofit organization for disabled people along with odd and end jobs all while being a single full-time mother. 

While living in Cumberland County, my children had a number of friends who soon became like children of my own. Over time, my dinner table turned from a set of three to a setting of 7-8, or more. I loved that the children had a safe place to go, where they were loved and cared for. 

In May of 2018, the one thing that every parent fears happened. I had to bury my child. Due to a senseless act of gun violence, we lost Maurice. My son was the light of our community. If you knew him, you loved him; even if it was for five minutes, he gained your heart. 

Shortly after this great tragedy, our director Sean Thom came to me with a brilliant idea of creating a place where children can go and be safe. A place where young adults can go and learn to be the light of their community like Reese was. When he suggested calling it Reese’s House, I knew that this was a place that my son had already been and is there keeping the light on waiting for us.

I could not be more honored to be a part of such a willing organization. Our future is always first!