Through some research, we have identified a building for Reese’s House that has a lot of potential! We recently toured the space and were blown away by the many possibilities to create our whole-child youth center for our kids. This building is a block away from where Reese was shot, which means we would be able to continue to serve this community and our city in his name. However, there is a major hurdle to clear and time is against us.

Currently, the building at 511 Buck Street is owned by the City of Millville. On Tuesday, our city commissioners will vote on whether to sell this building to the Cumberland County Improvement Authority for $1. The plan for this space is to demolish this building to create a parking lot for an additional CompleteCare structure in Millville on High Street.

We are attending the meeting to ask the commissioners to delay their vote on selling this space so that we can discuss alternative options with the city and the CCIA. While we would love for the city to sell us the building for $1, we’re just asking them to table their vote until we can have more complete discussions about the feasibility of this space for Reese’s House. Please join us and show support for our mission to do what is best for the youth in our community!

To learn more about our plans for Reese’s House, check this out: