Our organization appeared before the Millville Zoning Board last night to apply for a zoning variance that would allow us to formally operate our multi-faceted community center. We were last on the agenda and it was a late night (the meeting ended around 10:30!), but our variance was granted by a vote of 6-1 from the board! This is incredibly exciting for us because it was our last major hurdle to clear to start operations. 

So what’s next? We are working on a few projects inside of the building, but we should be able to start offering our programs in January of 2023! Our programs will be varied and extensive and will fall within the following parameters: innovation, entrepreneurship, assistance with business formation, plans, and execution, financial planning, parenting help, grief counseling, multi-media production, art, healthy eating and resources, culinary training, tutoring, academic counseling, special education counseling, community organizing support, life skills, family support and assistance, and more that falls under the domain of social, emotional, physical, academic, entrepreneurial, & personal growth for our youth and community. 

We cannot convey how excited we are to finally be at this point. It has not been quick and it has not been easy, but we have worked tirelessly over the last 4.5 years to make this a reality. When we lost Reese, we made a promise to him, his family, and our community that we were going to make this happen. Now we’re a short time away from opening the doors to Reese’s House and we could not be prouder and more honored to be able to carry on his legacy with this incredible endeavor for our community. 

We would not be here without the help and support of people like you. We will be opening our doors soon, but support is needed now more than ever to ensure we can continue to operate and build. Please consider making a small recurring monthly donation of $10 – $20 ($120 – $240 annually) to help us pay the bills. This allows us to focus our financial resources on building impactful programs and work for our community. If you can’t commit to that, one-time donations are always accepted and appreciated. To donate safely and securely, just click here.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, volunteers, and the families we have served and will serve in the future, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this process. It truly does take a village and we are in awe by how our village has rallied around us to help make this a reality!

Be well, take care, and hope to see you at Reese’s House soon!