Almost 40% of people experiencing homelessness in the United States are under 18. One item they commonly request in homeless shelters is a pair of jeans. Why? Jeans are comfortable in any season and can be worn multiple times between washes. Plus, for a teenager without many belongings, wearing a pair of jeans can provide a sense of normalcy.

We have teamed with Aéropostale and in their annual Teens for Jeans drive! Our goal is to collect gently-used (or new!) jeans to distribute to teens at local homeless and family shelters in Cumberland County. You can drop off jeans at Wildflower Vegan Cafe in Millville or at the Aéropostale store in the Cumberland Mall. The drive ends on February 29. Thanks for your support!

For more information on the drive and some of the history behind it, check this out!