If you have been following the saga around the appeal of our zoning to operate Reese’s House as a community center, your brain is probably swirling trying to keep up with everything. Don’t worry, we feel exactly the same way!

We haven’t been sharing everything going on with you because we know how tiring (and sometimes annoying) all of the posts and emails can be sometimes. For that, we apologize, but we are doing our best to keep you in the loop with everything. That being said, we have seen some shenanigans that have us questioning whether individuals in City Hall are operating in good faith and have the best interest of the community at the forefront of their decisions. The city recently tried getting us to sell our building, move our community enter into the library, and pay them rent. If that sounds like a head-scratcher to you, we could not agree more!

Please take a few minutes to watch this video from our Executive Director Sean that explains in more detail what has been going on. We are confident that you will find it just as outrageous as we have and will understand why this fight is as serious as it is. After watching, please consider making a donation to our Legal Defense Fund to support us through this fight and continue sharing our petition